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Diane E. Collins • Norco, California • (909) 319-4256 • Diane@DianeECollins.com
Highly accomplished, multitalented business leader seeking opportunities to provide administrative support, event and meeting planning, and association management as an independent contractor or employee.


Comments from co-workers and colleagues:
  • "Yet another fine example... Diane really wrapped her arms around this project and ran with it. She did an excellent job, both pre-Show and on-site. Can I make a reservation to use her again next year? I'd like to see some sort of 'kudos' go into her file."
  • "Diane, I am continually impressed with your organizational skills"
  • "Diane is very talented in a variety of capacities"
  • "Diane is a quick study"
  • "Diane is willing to assist co-workers with projects and she is an expert at finding the most efficient ways to accomplish tasks"
  • "Creative"
  • "Handles a large volume of work well"
  • "Is incredibly organized"
  • "problem solver"
  • "puts 110 percent of her time and energy into her work"
  • "Without your expertise and past expertise, this project would not even have gotten off the ground."
  • "As usual, you have the help and answers... Thanks!!!"
  • "Thanks so much for all you do for the SBN! You truly are an angel."
  • "Thank you for everything. Your hard work, concern, and constant support means more than I can say. All that you do for the SBN and for each of us is greatly appreciated."
Comments from supervisors:
  • "Diane is very effective and efficient."
  • "Works to pick up slack for colleagues."
  • "The 2005 Media Trade Conference was the most successful yet. Media attendance increased, and there were no significant complaints from either media attendees or member-exhibitors. Diane managed the event in a very efficient and effective manner, appropriately utilizing staff and assistance from the select committee, improving on past events, and establishing plans for further improvement in coming years. The event was managed well within its budget."
  • Diane is reliable. She's proven that she's willing to put in the necessary time and effort to complete the projects that she is responsible for."
  • "Diane is always searching for a better/more efficient way to perform her responsibilities and is very capable of working independently on her projects. She is very conscientious of project schedules and timelines."
  • "Diane responds great to new challenges and responsibilities."
  • "With the nature of Diane's job and that she is often asked by management to assume new tasks, , she is always being challenged by deadlines. She demonstrates good organizational skills and the ability to prioritize her responsibilities to get critical projects done."
  • "Diane demonstrates very good judgment and decision-making ability."
  • "Diane is very cost-conscious and will plan her designs to be the most cost-effective possible."
  • "Diane is very customer service oriented."
  • "She shows good follow-through with her projects to completion."
  • "Diane is a team player... [and] is always willing to share her expertise with others."
  • "She is knowledgeable and effective."
  • "One of Diane's greatest strengths is her job knowledge. She's repeatedly challenged with new tasks and always performs at a high level. She is often assisting other staff people with projects because of her strong knowledge and efficiency."
  • She is a very good communicator and team player."
  • "Diane exhibits a very strong business conduct and appearance. She works very well with her co-workers, vendors and clients and has very good communication skills."
  • "Using her initiative and being creative are certainly two of Diane's greatest strengths. She requires very little supervision to complete her projects and is always searching for ways to educate herself and improve her skills. She is always striving to become more efficient by finding better methods to accomplish tasks. She is very good at planning and follow-through."
  • "She is constantly being challenged to perform new tasks and assignments and is always willing and able to accommodate the requests. She has proven herself to be very versatile and a very valuable resource to coordinate all types of difficult tasks."
Comments from participants of events which Diane produced:
  • "Hi Diane, I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know how much I enjoyed the MPMC Conferences this year... The organization and planning of the event was outstanding..." (Boyd Coddington)
  • "Awesome job on the conference and thanks for all your help"
  • "Just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know how appreciative and impressed we here are with how the show was run... I appreciate your time and help..."
  • "I just wanted to drop a note to you - great job on the MPMC - we had an excellent event and it was due to the excellent planning you did. Thanks!!"
  • "Thanks again for a great job in coordinating the MPMC schedules. It was a very meaningful and worthwhile experience."
  • "Hey, great job last week."
And, a comment from of Diane's college professors:
  • Outstanding paper, as always. I was tired tonight so I decided to do one more paper and chose yours because I knew it would be an easy one to read and grade. :-) Thank you. (grade on paper: 55 points out of 50 A+ — he gave great extra credit!)
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Diane E. Collins • Norco, California • (909) 319-4256 • Diane@DianeECollins.com
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